Charmaine Klaire Alonzo

October 28, 1997 - Cotabato City, Philippines
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Burning Fire

Burning fire, a wild fire in a forest
No amount of water can stop it
Raging, invincible
Smoking and so wild
Reaching even the farthest places
Unprecedented…so sudden
Don’t know where it came from
Somewhere far away from home.

My heart is racing
My mind is panicking.
I cannot think clearly.
I’m clouded. Oh, the whole place is clouded!
So much smoke, left and right
Anytime soon I’ll be found dead.

Oh! I am melting like a marshmallow.
I cannot take this anymore
I try to fight it and defy it
But, I’m almost at my breaking point.
It’s all around me, devouring what’s around me.
The tongue of fire licking my skin
So hot, I’m dying…suffocating
I’m seeing no hope anymore
I’ve got nowhere to go
The ground is opening its mouth wide for me
To bury my ashes deep down.

How many more minutes have I got?
Coz I don’t think I can still last a little longer.
This vicious fire is killing me.
I hate it but I really don’t have any options left.
It is right here and I cannot escape.
No help somewhere
Oh, I’m calling for a miracle!
I’ll be out of breath soon
Just a bit more
A little bit more air
It’s going out, I’ll pass out soon

Burnt and dead in the middle of nowhere
Vultures will swoop down my remains
Devour me like they always do
I’ll say goodbye soon
'Coz the clock is ticking fast
I ain’t any Cinderella
With at least a midnight to wait.

Pain! It hurts so much.
Flesh, it’s peeling and burning.
Sadness, no point for that anymore!
Tortured and mistreated
Misunderstood and mistaken
Ain’t a witch but I got this.
Ordeal by fire
And the crowd goes wild!
Seeing me on the ground
Writhing in pain
Screaming for help!
Oh…this is never been fair.

But there’s no point in resisting anymore
Burning fire, burning fire
Can we just be friends for the last time?

Huh! I see you’re still cunning and wicked.
You want me dead and gone.
Now I see where these came from
All fire in the forest, you wanted them to swallow me

Gosh, it hurts…I’m melting here!
Yes…dead and none.
Now I feel it’s time
It’s about time and goodbye!

Eyes closing
Feet stopped shaking
I’m on the ground
Lying on the ground and watching death to consume me
Four, three, two, one…and gone.
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