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July 23, 1993- Joplin, Mo
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Window of a scarred heart

LOOK AND SEE. Start from within, being as truthful as you can possibly be. Look out from the scarred window pane of your very own heart. LOOK AND SEE; the pains of this world that have overtaken your trust, your innocence, none the less your ability to live. To live as you had as a child when the sun would glow and the sounds of this world were welcoming rather than deafening.

All of us! All of us that are unable to not be weighed down, and who are chained to our thoughts of wrong, a wrong being held upon us that has no clear sentencing, no clear solution, nor an outcome that could ever possibly draw any closer than unattainable. The baggage we feel we are responsible for on our very own that no other could quite possibly come to grips with.

How can we still hold the belief that happy, not just a momentary experience but as the very climate of an unwavering constant could exist, much less be close enough to strive torwards?

As I look out my window and once again take a necessary assessment of the world that surrounds me i find it is not the lost and misguided who hold no truth that oppress me, but it is their unknowing mis-guidance and the forces that bring about their deprivations that do so. finally, yet maybe most important a lack of unconditional love that bring such pain about it must be unloaded unto others a pain so full that it must literally spill out into the laps of others; often interpreted as hate and discord.

Whoever has the wisdom to see it as so, LISTEN! can we really exclude ourselves from that which we despise? Can we really talk about it as if we never willingly shut our own eyes in order to take part, no, not one of us can. Not one of us can boast of perfection.

When I see a friend even a stranger drowning who am I to not reach in and pull him above water knowing at one time neither could I swim by my own knowledge? When I see another soul caged by guilt, pride, distasteful charisma; have I never relied upon my own power and pride? To find myself alienated due to my own desires and self deceptions? Nay, more-so without this type of honesty how can I recognize the bond, or familiar look of help that can only be passed through the eyes of another? Regardless of ones deed or word?, I have seen it in my own mirror, and I see it in all who I come face to face with that have not been relieved of this worlds pain.

Has my destination been reached because I've found myself able to see all of this? No, contrary it has only yet started. The acknowledgement of these things is only the same as the sprinter setting his feet. Now the effort comes into play.

Let's put effort into drawing up those who oppress us because we know that it is not truly them who do so, and if we cannot say that we never once stumbled along the same path then by default we must acknowledge that we have also discovered our way away from this path. Share it. The look of help had once been frozen over within my own eyes, therefore who am I to not hold up another and share the warmth that is capable of thawing the same pain in their eyes?

Why not Love, not one has all the answers but if many have just a few answers then it is true we are better together, to love and to forgive, to understand and to console.

Those who have the wisdom to understand; is it not our duty to bring the others up into the warmth that can thaw the pain?
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