Carla Jean Laglia Esely

McIntosh, New Mexico, USA

A Quiet Repose

The majestic mountain's calls out to my sensitive soul.
"Come home, come home, come "please"! console".
Hear the stories of the days of old.
Some stories humble, some stories bold.
Hear about the forgotten lore of pioneer's centuries past!
Their hopes, their dreams, their hard won tasks.
Of building a nation on honesty, integrity, faith and love.
Has all been disregarded like a worn out glove.
"Walk down my trail's the pioneers once tread."
"With loyal compassion now long time dead!"
"Their love for God and Country and humanity they shared!"
"Still to this day their brand of leadership remains uncompared.
See where many tall strong trees once stood.
Now destroyed and gone! "Caused by nothing good!"
Like reposed promises made centuries past them the future has forgotten"
"But their stumps remain for us all to see both charred and rotten.
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