Carl Rex

August 26, 1990 - India
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The Everlasting Council of Peace

The Joyful place that ever sang, at once did come to halt
Startled by this sudden change, I wondered what's the fault?
The Holy Angels hushed their harps, proceeded on to cry
So curious as to what's the cause, I bluntly asked them "Why?"

An Angel pointed down to earth, deep darkness there prevailed
The Holy pair had lost their robe, for they had fully failed
Their final test of loyalty by eating from the tree
And listening to that artful snake, they lost their liberty!

But there was seen the brightest light, that shone around God's Throne
It waxed and waned, for God communed with those that are His own
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost - all lost in thoughtfulness
The Law their guiding Counselor the distress to assess

Man has sinned - what shall be done? His verdict he must die
For he has more than disrupted the fabric of My sky
His transgression remains exposed, his robe is gone away
The fig leaves barely clothe his shame, he has no price to pay

'Just let them die!' as Thou hadst said, and then this all would end
'Why should they live when they must die?' - the just Law did contend
Think of all Thy government, and carefully make the choice
For why should Devil blame your love, and evil raise its voice?

The Father thought on this at length, His voice was heard at last
How shall I turn my face away, make him face My blast?
'Tis true that Devil needs to die, but Man is not the same
For Devil knew what God was like, and still profaned My Name!

The scene was silent for a while, the light did slowly wane
For Love and Justice both did strive, whilst God endured the pain
Well give someone as substitute! Let him endure the cane!
Only then it'll suffice and Thou enthroned remain

Whom shall I give that man may live, who'll make that fateful choice
To stand condemned before the Law and give up Heaven's joys
Who'll bear to stand in sinner's lot and dare to take My wrath?
And gently seek the wandering sheep gone astray from the path

How can I make an Angel bear the fruit of Second death
Make them go through loss and hurt, then take away their breath
Though they be willing for this cause and gladly take the pain
My Law will be unsatisfied, their price would be in vain

Right then the light did wax so bright, the Son spoke out His mind
'There is a Way, no need to fret - the ransom I can find'
My life can pay this debt so high, My cross can banish shame
My love can gently change his mind, lost treasure thus reclaim

Deliver him from deepest pit, his life I will purchase
My blood shall pay redemption cost of corrupt human race
And then I'll bear him on my knees, raise him to keep Thy ways
Bring him back into the fold, adorned with Holy blaze

The Father shed a silent tear, He gat up from His Throne
He moved towards His Holy Child, His arms embraced His own
My dearest Son if that's your choice, I've got nothing to say
Just know this - You're My Everything, My Joy, My radiant Day

Oh God so much did love this world that He gave up His Son
To rescue Man from deepest hell, that sinner may be won
Oh Holy Son of God most High, how broad Your love for me!
For staking all Your greatest joys, You came to rescue me!
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