Cameron Kemp

June 16, 1997-Georgia
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We fucked when we came home from the bar

We stumbled in the door after a night with friends

Like any other night I maybe had one drink too many

The kisses were sloppier on my end than yours

But yours held back

They held a hesitance I’ve felt before

The hesitance when you think I don’t want

Can’t want

To be with you

So I asked

Whether you wanted me

But instead of a yes,

Instead of a pile of your clothes responding to my green light

You asked something I couldn't understand

Whether I was too vulnerable

Because I told you I was sad today

You asked

Not because you wanted to double check some consent box

No, you wanted to wait for me

Wait until I wasn’t craving intimacy for the sake of distraction

Craving any touch instead of nothing

You wanted to wait until I needed not just touch, but yours

And it made me want you all the more

Made me crave you like a drug

So yes, after tending to my raw soul

We fucked when we came home from the bar

And I fell more madly in love with you with every kiss

-I really am fucked
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