Brendon Hall

December 27, 1992 - Connecticut
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Whisper From the Reaper

A secret whispered in the dark
Eardrums ringing like a bell in the unwatched tower
The unrevealed crash lands with the grace of a ballistic missile
Blackness embodied deep within the tenuous roots
Spreading, creeping through every last sinew
Drowning in the bile, joy lost and never found

The rapture no longer holds sway
An abyss never ending, sinking deeper to oblivion
Falling with no gravity, suspended in tortuous creation
Where does the songbird sing?
Ushering in an insidious bliss

What is this Hell of dire creation?
Memories twisted and tattered
Each regret forged a new weapon
The daggers of obsidian steel
Amber drips from each crevice

Here he stays in the tortuous dystopia
The black vile is now home
Irony sings a song too bittersweet
Tip of the hat to a villainous reaper
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