Brendon Hall

December 27, 1992 - Connecticut
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Hell of a Life

What a time to be alive!
Living in a world where morals have been commodified.
Will you be a leader that assists in shattering the oppressive cycle of societal decay, or will you be yet another redundant cog in this malevolent machine?
Most of us live in denial of the impending doom we’re marching towards, yet the majority fails to realize we’re already living in a dystopia of our own creation.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
I don’t know about you, but I see a reflection that matches our society as a whole:
An entity that’s almost unrecognizable, broken, and emotionally drained.
A being that wants to do what’s right, but is rarely incentivized to do so unless it’s broadcast to an audience in order to portray virtuousness.

Oxycodone preferred over oxytocin, merely existing in a world that’s left me devoid of any emotion.
Xanax to relieve the imminent sensation and symptoms of panic.
Leaving us numb beyond belief to the extent where the lack of feeling is the dominant motif.

What’s happiness really?
I wish I could provide an answer, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve truly felt it.
We’re in a perpetual race, chasing happiness our whole lives just to experience fleeting moments of it that disappear before we get the chance to internalize it.

So what are your noble intentions worth?
About a penny in this system of self-inflicted inflation.
Just a drop in the ocean of tears shed because of existential dread.
All leading to a nation drunk on false righteousness and the idea that everything will get better, without any effort put forth on our part.
A road paved with good intentions leading straight down to the bottomless abyss where there’s more than enough room.
Falling through the blackness in ignorant bliss towards our doom.

What would your message in a bottle say if you knew it was our last day on Earth?
Ask yourself, did you help shift the paradigm?
Or were you just another redundant piece in this dysfunctional communal puzzle?
Just going about your day with a reluctant smile on your face while remaining in ignorant bliss that we’re all contributing to the ultimate extinction of the human race.

In retrospect, where the is the gaping disconnect?
On one side sit our ideals and well wishes, looking over at the treacherous reality we live day in and day out.
A fantasy cleverly and covertly disguised as Heaven, while we really exist in a romanticized version of Hell that’s packaged to sell.

Welcome to life. Our own beautiful dark twisted fantasy.
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