Brady Stewart

August 8th, 2002 - Pontiac Michigan
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Ode to Joy

I love it.
Come to me.
I am afraid,
But the fear is willful.
There is light in the tunnel.
I offer my sorrow.
I corralled you into the corner
I left you in a time-out,
And under my mind,
Time had sent you out of the house,
And I sat on a chair, collecting dust
From my forgetfulness of your subservience
And was convinced you had walked out.
I now see that the whispering window panes
I was informed were after my heart
Were your forgiving melody
About the blinds being shut.
I found comfort in a bard of fear
In the clefs of strife and throng.
You can come in.
The door should be unlocked.

So sorry

I know you just arrived,
But know you need not stay
I know how much you love handles of doors,
Ones that open, of course

I know you love the feeling of feet
On a welcoming mat of departure
Not of a condescending cat in the window-
Of course
And may you come again.
May I keep in my mailbox a surplus of open invitations.
May not I strangle you,
In the urge to ride your shoulders.

The honey in the trunk
Of a Home of my own
Is my never knowing of who,
Tomorrow knocks
With knuckles anticipate, on my door
You or the tax collector,
My prediction cannot know.

While you are here
A cup of tea?
Coffee, maybe?
We could go outside,
Light a match in the pit,
To dispose of the not now but next?
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