Bobby Marbles Mobley

Days Like This

My friends won't talk to me anymore
I.R.S. is at the door
The bank forclosed on the house today
The roof is leaking anyway

The neighbors dog killed my pet cat
The tires on the tractor are just plain flat
Lightning struck down grandpa Jones
All that was left was some old burnt bones

That is not all that I have to tell
Grandma was found at the bottom of the well
The car was stolen fron the parking deck
And found much later a total wreck

My mother died from a rare disease
That was along about Christmas eve
Faulty lights caught the tree on fire
It burnt baby's hands and clothes and hair

Daddy fell down the cellar door
And cracked his head on the concrete floor
I ran to look for doctor Brown
Before I came back the house burnt down

A tornado blew the barn all down
Cows and chickens all over town
I found that night at half past nine
Our pet goat Nellie, she was fine

My wife was raped by the governer of the state
He was found 'Not Guilty' what can I say?
Now he is running for president of the U.S.A.
Sister was hit in the head by a board
Now she is a patient in a mental ward

Brother hit by a shotgun blast
Doctor put his leg in a molded cast
And a whole bunch of things that I missed
That is only half the list, Well..... Jesus said
There would be days like this
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