Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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My Soul's Quest

My soul yearns to demystify
The intricate cosmic expanse
Measuring its length and breadth
Resting on the horizontal
And the vertical stands
Of the vast sprawling space
Of the mammoth world.

My parched tongue hankers
After tasting sweet drops of water
In blinding dusts of gloomy grounds
Carrying grave groans
And eeriest moans beneath
The comforts of the materialistic age.

In momentary moments
Of momentous life
Counting millions and trillions
Of unknown twinkling stars
And births and deaths of
The mortal beings within the sphere
I let my shrinking life unfold
To enjoy fleeting happiness.

With guilt of powerful mind,
Impurity of magnanimous heart
Ultimate goal of life
Deviated into restless realm
Under the staring blue sky
Over the inevitable slippery ground
I am seeking earnestly some peace,
Some ambrosial solace
In profound eternal philosophy
With steel like belief in my own self
In the after-the-storms, calm sea
Of spiritual solitude and beatitude.
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