Betty Mae Eaton

Indianapolis, Indiana

My Opinion

I would be less than I am, if I didn't say what I have to (or had to). If I didn't express my feelings and thoughts, my life would be but like a leaf falling from a tree and blown out of sight by the wind. I'm just one person with just one opinion. Maybe one day that opinion will help someone in need and make a difference in their lives and even the world. It might take thousands of opinions before that one will make a difference but, I will keep on giving as long as any one wants my opinion. Someday it is bound to make a difference. No one has to agree with me, but someone will and who knows what will happen because of it, only good I hope.
Old I sit here alone most all of the times with no one to care or pay me no mind. They're drained me of my youth and prime, and now for me they have no time. To be alone when your young is all good and well but when you're OLD it hurts like hell!
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