Benjamin Wolf

Southern Illinois / Brooklyn, NY

A Star’s Reflection

We have been the moon
We have been decay
Like God almighty we are everlasting and everpresent and eternal and yet, we are as inconsequential as a subtle breeze caught in the heart of a tempest.

You are an ocean.
You are the land.
Your surface is a stained glass mosaic of memory as vibrant as the moment they were first lived.
Your waves subtly lap against the rocky crevices of the shore.
Your words consume the mountains.

I was once the mantle.
I grew from dirt and dust and pushed through the soil, a mighty sapling made to mock the sky.
The sun has been my brother and the rain my mother’s gentle hand that led me through the blackness of lonely nights.

The stars are just reflections of who we are, and the quiet whisper of what we yet could be.
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