Ben Scott

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Part of me suspected we would crash and burn
I just didn't know when 
Part of me needed to get in that car with you then. 

One hi
One sheepish smile 
Such a nice day
for a ride. 

Quickly you made me feel
too comfortable my man
to care about anything else 
You behind the wheel
Me right next to you 
I wasn't scared at all back then. 

You reached out your hand and smiled 
A good man 
Windows down
Music loud 
I reclined my seat
and opened my heart. 

And so we drove around for a while. 

You held my hand and it felt right. 

Did we have too many drinks along the way?
You made me laugh out loud and feel light headed
It was the most beautiful day. 

The sun was shining 
Oh the heatwave
Didn't see much else on that lonely highway
Not a sign of life 
An endless field on both sides. 

The sun 
The heat 
The car 
The music.. loved it. 
We had a good run. 

Evening came after a long long day. 
Suddenly the Sun was setting quickly
I looked out for the full moon 
but I couldn't find it
It was dark.
An eclipse of the heart. 

I sensed you were worried
more than me.
Feeling I should not have disregarded. 

I kept telling myself everything will be fine..
The red you poured along the way
was oh so sweet . 
Until you decided 
to pick up a hitchhiker 
and I had to move
to the back seat. 

He didn't say where he wanted to go.
Maybe he just didn't know. 
I didn't knew either. 
Didn't bother asking . 
I was too scared and I didn't want to hear the answer. 

Minute later he got off abruptly
Without a word or a sound. 
Left a shadow on your heart. 
You screamed and let go of the wheel. 

Don't worry! Its fine! 
I'll take your seat
and finish the ride. 
I grabbed the wheel but to my surprise
I didn't know how to drive. 

The car too fast now 
Couldn't make a turn or stop. 
Maximum speed..
No limits on the highway to hell
Couldn't reach the brake.  
I barely heard you
from afar
giving me advice. 
But it was already too late. 

I'm gonna finish the drive regardless.
Couldn't leave you in your sadness. 
It's too late to be smart about it.
Thick black smoke from the engine started rising 
One last time I tried to gain control
Over that vehicle 
And then
We hit a wall 

A tear fell from your eye. 
I held your hand this time. 

The  flames too hot to handle. 
The night still dark
We needed to get away 
Away from that burning car. 
One last time you reached inside
to grab a little blue candle. 

Lit it from the fire
that kept getting bigger. 
We have to leave. 

Please let's just go. 
The light from the candle
will show us the road. 

We had to walk for a mile or two
Hoping to see the sunrise soon. 

With each step the road was getting more and more tough. 
Somehow the light from the candle was enough. 
Enough to get us through okay and sane.

I heard a scream.
Perhaps the sound of morning.
Please don't loose your patience with me today. 
I said I got it. 

Cold concrete didn't feel right.
You and I lost everything that night. 
It's not what I was used to
Is this real life? 

Side by side we walked in the haze
I heard you talk
Didn't know what to say.
Hours later
we even laughed along the way.
The distant screams slowly stopped.
Oh how surprising
The light from the candle was even inspiring. 

Walking is still hard. 
Oh how ironic
But the most important thing to have in mind 
we got out of that burning car. 

The candle now is all we're left with 
See I told you!
It's worth it.

Sleepless night
And then
a cold sunrise.
I have to leave now
My friend
please don't fear the morning.
Because I know for a fact 
Our little candle will burn for life. 
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