Ben Scott

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Dark pt. 2

Dawn came.
The sky shedding its dark color.
My mind is buzzing, my body aching.
Sudden overflow of endorphins. 

I was determined to come back for more.
For I was inspired to peek underneath the cover. 
And Into the soul 
Of my warm blooded lover. 

A world turned upside down.
Yet it felt secure.
I was surprised by your laughter. 
Are you a leader or a solo dancer. 

Sculptured body and the southern charm. 
A smile that can blind the sun. 
So tempting
It somehow  became overwhelming. 

First time drawn through the distance. 
Second time cornered on the edge of the cliff 
I fell deep into your eyes . 

I walked you over on the other side of the bridge.
Didn't know what I was left with. 
My body old soon to be gone.
Filled with your energy
a sweet emotion. 
An odd inspiration
a new sensation .

Seemed you were a creature of the night 
But how ironic
it's me feeding off your light. 

Thank you, dark lover
I gotta make a choice
To either fly high
or walk the earth lost. 

I'll count the minutes till the sunset. 
And come back to the old store. 
Looking for you because...

Were not done
not just yet... 
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