Ben Scott

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Dark hair 
deep eyes. 
Like a well I fell into once...

The night sky clear
not a single cloud. 
The world lit 
just by the moonlight .

Lightning came.
For a second everything was bright.
I could feel you in the air.

And I could choose to either go home 
Or look for you dancing in the silent storm. 

For the third time
I went out this late at night 
For the third time
strangely inspired. 
Not scared of the dark .

And there you were.
Ah, the old store
Under the streetlamp.
Bright yellow.
Your reflection blurred behind the window. 

I was surprised to see you there.
Almost as if u were for sale.

I still laugh in my head 
How your silhouette rose in front of me 
and my jaw dropped. 

Shiny like a new toy 
that I couldn't afford.
I had the urge to break the glass
and get you out.
For I don't want to be alone 
waiting for the dawn. 

Another lightning 
then the thunder rolled.
To my surprise the glass shattered 
and you reached out .
Would you walk with me? 
Until the sunrise. 

Your body heavy 
your steps quick and light.
Your lips so soft 
your arms around me tight. 

Couldn't figure what you are at first.
Couldn't place you north or south. 
I was sure you were a creature of the night. 

My head wasn't clear
a rush , another thunder. . 
I judged a book by its cover. 

You came from a war
of the mind
Long and rough 
Came from afar
With only your soul and heart . 

And I just listened to your words endless 
Knowing you're not an ordinary boy 

Dark hair .
Deep eyes. 
My heart inspired my head spinning.
Dark hair .
Deep eyes .
An ocean I want to swim in. 
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