Baron Norman Sylvester Vo

San Francisco, California

The Voyage Of The Mayflower (Dedicated To The American Sons And Daughters Of The American Revolution)

Where truly doleful was the sight
Sad and mournful parting To see what sights and sobs and prayers
Did sound among them looking for tomorrow What tears did enthusiasm from every eye
And pithy speeches pierced each heart with sorrow But ye tide which stays for no man
Calling them away that were thus loathe
To depart to a foreign land Thy reverend Pastor falling down on his
Knees with watery cheeks commended
Them with most fervent prayer And there at the river "text"
Ezra 8"21 I proclaimed a fast
That we might humble ourselves before
Our God at last Seek of him a right way for us and for
Our children to serve his grounds But they knew they were pilgrims and
Looked for praise, freedom they
Were bound In the double darkness of night and thick ocean fog
And howling winds they ran with all sails spread Thunderbolt's tearing apart the rough breathing
New England coast line filled with razor sharp piercing rocks They fell with that land made is
called Cape Cod
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