Ayatullah Nurjati

June 19, 1981 - Jakarta
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Word as It Is

Words are real action
The reality is also sometimes stunned by words
Words that Absurd sometimes also have an affair with reality
Reality that plays with phenomena is sometimes not as idealistic as we think

The spirit in the equivalent word chosen as diction may be right next to the norm or ethics
The body in the heart of a word is always meaningful
The spirit that realistic in words is easily co-opted by symbols in the real world
Body of You, me and all of you resides in a name in a word that has special

I, you and all of you always have a name Even though what's in a name
It would not be possible for the words inside of the name to come in vain
I, you, all of you and all animals use words in an interaction Nevertheless, God
created the words adopted by living things to exist as long as this earth and
space orbits. And it is commanded by God through Words
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