Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Walking Alone

Walking Alone

By Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Refreshed after dreamless slumber night
Plodding in the meadow for I was impelled.
Induced by calm, pastoral breeze of the morning hours
I followed the traces, laden with perceptible dew
But relinquished branches are bound to hew.

Freezing tears on the faces of fresh flowers
Resembling my darling when she used to cry
Over unattained and shattered dreams
Which we had waved together, in the walks of life
But apathetic winds tore us apart, with an awful strife.

Echoes of deep silence, I heard beneath my feet
On curved traces of old glory, rejoiced by a lonely soul
Before the sunlight twirled behind the autumn bond trees.
I decided to keep on going, though alone, but all the way
For it was a new dawn, after obliterated dismay.
Copyright June 13,2003.
Ashraf Gohar Goreja
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