Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Virtue Of Silence

Reflections of deep silence
after solitary mid-night hours,
when the conspiring souls
apprehend their day-long chatters
which they conceal in
their formidable sorrow.
Revival is unfailing, on the morrow.

Deep solitude brought me
on the verge of long seclusion
with my dreams entrapped in the nest
of my grieved but acquitted mind.
No end to it, I ever find.

Your beauty, charm and glamour,
celebrative to their immense merits,
like the ambrosian valleys
where eyes remain staring
at beauteous, vast sparing.

Fatigued and weary moments
of perilous voyage of life,
are casting day by day
and night by night,
unrhetorical spells to fright.

Yet, I celebrate my solitude,
in the wake of your forgetfulness
and you know that I was
alone all along during the span of life
awaiting for virtue of peace, and not a strife.

Copyright May 19,2003
Ashraf Gohar Goreja
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