Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Splendid Hiding Place

Please hide me
In your deep mystifying eyes
For I can't enshroud myself
Under the vast open sky
From thousands of intense
And startling calamities.

In my child play
I used to hide myself
Behind harmless
Insipid, cedar trees
And under the melting shadows of
Dilapidating walls of
Great alcazars.
Narrow ditches were favorite
Among all growing kids
Where we used to hide ourselves
Heedless, care free and avert.

But now
I am a youthful,
Grown up man
And my innocent childhood
Had it's farewell long ago
My appealing, hiding places
Take me as a kid no more.
I need now
An impregnable
Little fortress
That could render
My wandering soul.
Where else could I hide myself?
Please hide me,
In your splendid eyes
So I fear from miseries no more.
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