Ashraf Gohar Goreja


O Life! Your immense wisdom often assail
Virtues of enduring charm which are hard to avail
Truth in love, peace, variance in good and evil
Promise of splendor living turned into upheaval

O Life! You command every soul to be loyal and sincerer
Tell me, where to find such affection that would adhere
Justice we quest, pursuit of cognitive merit
Bestow on us, lesser catastrophes than opt we to inherit.

O Life! Why do you impart to our blind ambition
You know our souls are trapped in the realm of transition
To you, equation to death is just but to us, indifferent
We believe candidly in your good, and not indecent.

Aspiration for true life have been our scoring
Instead, what do we assume, a phenomenal ignoring
But now; O Life! I am slowly reaching the age of intellect
To ignore your captivation and your lure to neglect.
Copyright June 7,2003.
Ashraf Gohar Goreja
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