Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Last Tear Of The Morning Star

Mighty procession of full bright moon
Rambled to proceed towards unknown dune

Silver dawn was still far away
Many wished, that night could be casting
Into a mold, peculiar as never before
Persistent, elongate and ever lasting.

Vicious souls were profoundly hunted
By the fear of falling apart,
From their bonded consorts
Who were very reluctant to depart.

For night was still young at their hearts
Though, the morning star was about to glow
On the sober and sedated heavens
Its curious tempo couldn't be slow

She was sitting alone, all along
Near the window of her solitary chamber
Gazing and talking covertly to the brilliant moon
Her thoughts were hidden in domain of slumber

That made her to shed some reverent tears
How many times, her adorable heart was broken
When the world was half asleep
And half awake at benignant token

Her pale, dry and starving lips,
Aimless breaths of young, regrettable life
An enduring, solitary isolation
Made her entire world forsaken rife

Every full moon, gave her an atrocious scar
Fervent, as last tear of the morning star
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