Ashraf Gohar Goreja

Inclining Obsession

Someone must be furious with someone tonight.
A loving heart must have misapprehended.
The norms of true love and its immense virtues
If I find such heart, its' not hard to be mended.

For all stars are subdued tonight.
What happened to their auspicious light?
Which they emitted upon all loving souls,
And ambitious, dear hearts, used to plight.

No! My own love seems to be vitiated
By profane wisdom of jealous stars,
They seized to shine, for she was more prettier tonight.
And her one smile is much brighter than mars.

Why the stars are subdued tonight.
For she would illuminate the entire world,
With her own delightful and inclining obsession.
Terrestrial globe will shine when her smiles unfurl.
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