Aryan Bhardwaj

November 6,2003-karnal
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Mother's day poem

The making of cards, as a child,
by the mind so wild...,
And wishing her on the day she deserves,
well, aren't enough things for a mother's reserve.

( as a child)
The mother's face that we wanted to see,
when the predicament situation came,
"mother required", to set us free...,

(as a adult)
the lady who completes our home,
shouldn't be in a old folk's to roam.

We shouldn't forget a mother's sacrifice,
that she's made to make our day nice.
by her exquisite effort ,
to eliminate our life's spice.

Now, Finally Happy mother's day mom
It's a day you deserves
and there's nothing like enough for your reserve.

By Aryan Bhardwaj
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