Arijit Roy

October 1, 1991 - Kolkata


The farewell went exactly as you’d wished.
Devoid of clumsy hugs, cold handshakes with trembling hands
Or teary goodbyes.
We smiled, looked into each other’s eyes and waved — for a last final time.
And then in the crowded bus stand,
Amongst the scuffle and noise
Of honking vehicles, screaming vendors and whining couples,
We lost each other for ever.
You left to unite with the one you loved.
I came back to unite with the emptiness created by your absence.
That’s how it was to end; I knew.
You were never mine, I had to let you go; I knew.
Yet, I chose to create memories with you— memories that’d last a lifetime.
Beyond all the truths and all the lies
And everything that shaped our relation,
Those splendid moments we shared together
Those ephemeral pauses when our eyes locked and souls entangled
And those coy glances that reflected a little more than friendship,
Are the biggest truths of my life.
And I’d live a thousand times,
Embracing those fragile truths and whispering feelings.
In the dreamless black nights, when I’d clasp the pillow,
Soaked in sweat and tear,
I’d find a refuge, I know, in the memories of your smile.
A smile as pure as a rain drop and tender as a young petal.
I’d keep that smile, deep in my heart, to salvage my undoing world;
And I’d love you, I promise, without being loved back.
Farewell my friend! I couldn’t gaze any longer—
Because the busy bus stand had blurred before my eyes,
Like an unknown silhouette.
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