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Year after year invites to parties passed around the classroom but every time the boy in the corner was looked over.

At first it upset him but after years he was used to it but this year was different he got invited to a party and just froze he had never felt like this.

When his mother picked him up he couldn’t stop talking about it he was overjoyed he asked his mother to buy an extravagant gift since it’s his first time.

August 15th the day of the party comes the boy is so excited his mother drops him off and the play centre where the kids were meeting

After hours of waiting for kids the show they come out of the play centre and can’t believe what they’re seeing the boy was only invited in jest they thought he knew.

When the boy gets home he runs to his room tears streaming down his face, after an hour or so his mother goes to check on him but all she finds is his lifeless body and a note that says “sorry”
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