Anne Sicola

Union Beach, NJ

Spring Time

Spring time was in the air
Trees and bushes were budding everywhere
People rushing through the square
No one noticing each other there

I crossed the square to stroll the park
A much slower walk was my mark
A busy breeze started up
That blew off my bonnet with a thump

A handsome gentleman walked in hand
My dusty bonnet tatted with sand-
With a smile on my face he outstretched his arm
Shaking the bonnet that it came to no harm

I thanked him politely and dropped my eyes
For I fell instantly in love and felt quite shy
He walked in step and asked for my name
I smiled and answered my name is Lorraine

We now have been married for many years
There has been much happiness and also much tears
Our children we bless for they came from our love
We have the Lord to thank for our love came from above
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