Anna Culotta

New to poet5ry. Just looking for someone to exchange feedback with and get inspiration maybe to write new content.
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When you think of flowers
blooming you think of the
stages they must go through-
to get to the point of being
admired by the world, even
captivating a lover's eye-
as if it is waiting to be plucked and cherished eagerly.
But the ones I cherish
bloom in my heart. You planted
them there so unexpectedly.
From a seed, you planted an idea.
From a sprout, you guided me to reach
towards the sky. You water
me daily, feed my soul, nurture my
sprouts- encouraging me to
grow strong and tall.
And when I am resilient to
all weather conditions-
I bloom.
I transition into the best version of myself.
And when winter comes and
withers me away- I come
back again, each version better than the last.
You are the curator to the
garden of my soul- I will
always appreciate your decision to choose me
to plant as your beautiful garden.
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