Anisha Nyambe

April 15, 2009 - Lusaka
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Let Us

Let us use straw to make gold
and stone to carve diamond rings
Your tears to form crystals
and our misery to brew priceless wine.

Let us make ink from our mistakes
and a pencil from our missed opportunities.
Let us use silence to make noise
and noise to use our violent voices.

Let us use death to create life
and from life we'll create a timeline
from a timeline a staff
from a staff a song.

Let us make memories out of water
and out of clay ourselves.
From sand, we will create our pasts
and we'll bury our pasts underneath our scars.

Out of our scars, we'll write a story
using the ink of our mistakes
and the pencil's writings, we'll erase.
And so, let us.
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