Angel Wilson

December 28th, Minnesota
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The Hope of Young Love

I hope we’re one of those couples.

Who stays in love their whole lives

Those couples who slow dance in the kitchen,

Those couples whose love derives,

From honesty and patience,

compromise and trust.

Those couples who laugh and joke,

Even when they’re full of crust

When our bones are old and cracking, 

And our meals consist of mush,

When the wrinkles in our skin

Have gone and swallowed us up

Will we still make each other laugh? 

Will we still make each other smile? 

Will we still harbor our deep love,
and affections all the while?

But that’s so far away.

And the future’s never certain.

So, for now, let’s stay present,

And appreciate what we have

Let’s keep dreaming of our life together,
Hand in hand


Keep dreaming of the home we’ll have,
Of the tender embraces shared
Keep dreaming of our little adventures,
And the cats we want to care

With our love as sweet as honey,
And our intention true as steel.
We will hoist the sails high,

Keeping a firm grasp on the helm.

Together we will sail,

Together, face the storms.

Let’s keep our hearts dreaming, 

And see where this tale goes.
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