Amichia E. Djoley

Corona, NY, USA


Our poetry is not a poetry of gladness
Nor a poetry of excitation
Our poetry brother is not for a contest
When you don't win a prize
Don't worry
Maybe you can be deceived
But never be disappointed
When you don't get any acclamation
Don't give up
It is not because you are not talented
Not because they don't know your art
They know it, maybe better than you imagine
But if it is always about them you are talking
If the way they treat your people you disagree with
How can they recognize what you're doing?
How they can't be so embarrassed?
When they are the ones who give the prize
This is why it is too hard for them to accept your truth
Even if you sing better than they do
Play and dance better than they do
Don't be upset sister
And don't be ashamed of you
Because our poetry is not a poetry of contest
We know what they are expecting from us
We also know that song they want to hear
Unfortunately, we can't do that for them
We won't talk about the rain and flowers
No, our concern is not how nice is the weather
We still here washing their feet and singing for them
And it is that song we want them to listen
To listen how painful we feel
In order to change their behaviour
So when you don't win a prize
Write brother, we hear you . . .
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