Alma M. Kaps

Miller, Nebraska

Heaven For Me

Some people dream of a city so fair,
Waiting for them at the top of the stairs
golden streets to walk up and down
A long white robe, a scepter, a crown.
Ivory palaces and great marble walls,
Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and all
These are the sights that they want to see,
But this is not heaven for me.

I dream of pastures lush and green.
A tree on a knoll overlooking a stream.
Cattle a grazing and lowing nearby
Deer in the meadow, the breeze gentle sigh.
A purring old cat curled up by my side,
A horse and a dog will closely abide.
In blue jeans and T-shirt, here's where I'd be
For this is what heaven would be like for me.
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