Alison Derick

1/1970 - Boston
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Satellites Wrecked Dawn, Terlingua

In our favorite place,
there was a blanket of galaxies wrapped up in your kiss,
you told me you loved the lullaby of stars as I held you in my arms.
I was tracking satellites fading into the dawn as I watched you sleep -
breathing in waves like little sighs of skylight:
I loved what I saw inside you.
I loved each time I felt you.
I loved you, otherworldly.

Eased by the calming call of heavens - the angels told me to ‘let go - just give in....’
‘You are loved” they sang,
‘You are both together in this’.

Sleeping beside me,
I dusted off the white light of night that fell upon on your cheek,
smiled, inhaled with you,
letting go of fear and just believing you were with me dreaming,
plotting our infinite returns.
The whole moon inviting me home,
to this place - of roads, stars, dust, and bubbles,
And to you: the smiles, eyes and sweet whispers...

But now the sky is silent,
The angels are quiet,
The promises have broken apart.
Those galaxies have shifted,
The kisses are twisted,
The lullabies have faded and gone.

I’m awake and not dreaming
somewhere between pain and fear,
you’re missing.
The haze of heaven was never really fine.
You push away what you once gave me freely,
Your soft lust and trust has left me,
and this ghost town has gone quiet tonight.
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