Ali Abdullah

September 8, 1992 - Amman, Jordan
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She’s tricky
She undermines your progress
Suggesting things based on what you’re weak about
You realize in her absence it was all nonsense


She attacks you, she protects you
She distract you with things you don’t need
Just to get herself stronger
Finally turning you into an unconscious breed

She got allies all around her
Even within those who pretend they fight her
She manifest herself in your closest people
In a way to control you and burry you indeed

She manifest herself
In your own self
Getting you puzzled
To steal you safely

She wanna have control
She pretend to be a role model
She ain’t satisfied
If she ain’t got the lead

She plants her own traits
In your very mind
Corrupted thoughts arise
From corrupted seeds

She wanna look good
In all the eyes around
She’s a perfectionist
With internal imageries

Though ain’t very wise
She is sometimes
When she commit to learn
And let others teach

She’s bored around the spirits
Cause no they don’t let it
Brag about herself
In the way they preach

She’s lost in the realm
of pretending she’s present
While she’s lost in the future, she ain’t very modest
Has a past that she holds, she ain’t too proud of
Got a loud scream inside “Get inspired by me!”

At times she’s very ready
To even use herself
Clever m*********er
In getting what she needs

She pretend to be a spirit
Enjoying when she suffer
Though her progress always
meant to an end


She’s in you
She’s staying within you
Until your last breath
Until your final day

Breath her in slowly
Breath her out slowly
Hoping she’s out of you
Before you last lay
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