alexis karpouzos

9 April,1967 -Athens -Greece
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Maybe - Alexis karpouzos

i know that i shall meet my shadow, one day, is our fate.
I know that, someday, the light ends for us and the deadly gravity will absorb us.
But then, without space and time, without life
and death, the infinite pieces will be reunited,
a deeper union through the tranquility of silence will be born.
And again, a magician spark will shine
and a ocean of souls will flood the universe
and will give birth to stars and grief.
And maybe, just maybe, in another heaven, my dreams will be your dreams.
You see, everything repeats itself and everything will be reincarnated in different forms.
An incredible miracle, carefree, and we live in it.
Please, stand still and breath the generosity of the miracle.
The miracle is folded into your heart.
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