Alexis Gaetz

March 29, 2002 -Vermont
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She’s afraid of spiders, heights, losing and snakes. I’m afraid to sail and make mistakes.
He’s afraid of clowns and baboons. She’s afraid of dogs and raccoons.
One jumps at the sound of balloons popping, and the other jumps at horns honking.
He is afraid to read aloud, and she is afraid to be in a crowed.
They hate small spaces, and they hate frowning faces.
What are you afraid of? They wondered. What I told them, they all shuddered.
I’m afraid of all those things and more. I said. I’m afraid of insects, the dentist and laying in bed.
I’m afraid of grass, trees and everything that grows. I’m afraid of rocks, roads and mud in my toes.
I hate eating and drinking, working and tinking. Breathing is hard for me, and why do I have to see.
I’m afraid of dying she said. Me, I’m afraid of surviving.
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