Alexander Palmer

March 29, 2004 - Florida
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Around and around goes the carousel,
Its grim melody pries into your bones,
Oh, to this merry carnival, the fallen angels welcome you well,
Take a seat, have a drink, make yourself at home.

Around and around goes the carousel,
The figures who ride it find themselves lacking a face,
But isn't it so lovely, its echoing call?
So come take a seat, come find your place.

Its paint is fading by now, I'm afraid,
Corroded with the crimson of the sacrifices made,
For the weary and broken, oh, the price they would have paid,
To come take a seat, to stand in your place.

Funhouse mirrors warp reality's perception,
But who's to say your perception was ever right?
Around goes the carousel, teaching its lessons,
To those who were shunned by the light.

We serve razors and bottles, lighters and needles,
To the people your reality said weren't people,
Those condemned by harsh steeples know the carnival's music,
Those who walked through our entrance, did they truly choose it?

Come, pop some pills, the doctors say it'll make it better,
But it won't, you'll come here because we help these debtors,
The broken, the weary, the desperate, the damned,
Come ride the carousel when it aches to stand.
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