Alex V. Christoff

Springwater, New York


Time the immutable paramount cannot be destroyed;
Its ritual-sacrament is futurity's hand
Guiding man's worship of illusions in multiples deployed,
Passing through starlight's cosmic band. Soft music of each life submerges in universal tone;
Harsh vindicator of bright events gliding by,
Crafts time-direction and time-flow to distant star lone,
Grasping harmony's breath when old planets die. Black holes in space-time continuums implode;
Worm holes, flourishing in time-flows' constricting planes,
Cast obscurant rays on eternal precepts cold.
Through boundless space, undaunted man probes stellar, perduring lanes. Parallel universes in multi-galactic chain;
Infinity's call, irrepressible lure, to echoed space
Of comet, and meteor, and elemental particles' rain,
Cleave human identity's role from heavenly grace. Superstring theory of ten dimensional ring
Beyond select men's reach of withered calculi,
Declares impermanence of celestial finites' string,
When distant suns, aeons dead, inherit God's parhelic cry.
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