Alex Roth

April 24, 1981 - Des Moines, Iowa
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Mental Tectonics


cranial overture delirium denial remarks hues in a silhouette receding in clouds of narcosis surge illumination thrusting toward death blind orgasms of hate pictures devoid of form celluloid marksmanship motorcade waving white womanly gloves ejaculation angels volcanoes surreptitious sex change amphibious pose mushrooming mendacity miracles ivory grace smiles


death’s archangel rhymes Akashic verses discarded deeds a decapitated rooster bleeds coagulated brutality creaky dedication a brass statue salutes air is an instrument of breadth knots inside Celtic symbols pagan Christ fornicates under a moon’s dream portent irradiating idiosyncratic destiny rippling in a child’s scream caskets and corpses float atop a murky river


syncretic doom amalgamates distant voices yelling yellowing years peel and flake attics harvest
dust within walls of a house midnight darkens doubt dies immediate foreclosure shuttering dreams beyond what eyes digest tones of symphonic souls scratch rhapsodic codas in death’s cities unknown building virtuosity mandates sculptures of expressionist contortion singularities
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