Aishat Yahkub

June 22 - Nigeria, Africa
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The girl I left behind

The girl I left behind
A cherished memory, etched on my mind
The tides of time ripping us apart,
as I drift farther and farther away
Her, a static point on the beach of memories
And I, facing the future on the horizon
The sky our sole connection

With stars in her eyes
A lover of the sunrise
Stuck in the world of dreams
And all of its gleams
Her heart on her sleeves
Having known no grieves
Her wishes and hopes whispered to the
shooting stars that fall on the night sky

I don't have the heart to tell her
What lies on the other side,
is a bleak, hostile, dark world
Full of shattered dreams
and broken hearts
One giant big disappointment
and pain, a constant
Also, that shooting stars are mere illusions
Painted from burning rocks

This girl I left behind
Whose smile is genuine, big and bright
Soon it'll be a mask to hide behind,
the sparkle snuffed out from those eyes
With a heart that loves so

Unscarred by life's endless heartbreaks
She believes endlessly in the good in people
The bitter taste of betrayal will probably
rip that layer of innocence off
Thinks she can change the world
Can the world change?

This girl I left behind in my past
is still me
Buried by the layers of broken promises,
And sometimes, she manages to come out.
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