airatmaninravi AiR

October 15, 1964 - India
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The Ladder to Heaven

Do you know that there is a Ladder to Heaven?
For all to climb, be it man or woman
But we mustn't stop at step seven or eleven
We must go on till we reach our heaven

Many of us want to go to God
But we don't know the truth about our Lord
We just go to a temple, mosque, and church
Instead of going on a quest to search

The first step to God is Belief
For those who don't believe, how can they achieve?
There are some who are atheist or agnostic
A life without faith, they choose to pick

But the ones who believe, they take their first step
The Ladder to Heaven they start to inspect
They know without doubt that God exists
They believe and pray and their belief persists

There is not a day that they don't Pray
With folded hands they go to God and say
Not only to the Lord everything they tell
They also listen to Him, not just ring the bell

The third step on the Ladder is Faith
Without this one cannot reach heaven's gate
Faith is Full Assurance In The Heart
Our journey to God, it helps to start

The fourth step on the Ladder is Hope
Without Hope, how can anyone cope?
Those who believe in God they find
He is there when you reach the end of the rope

And then, the believers in God, they Trust
It is Trust that forms their journey’s thrust
Trust is unconditional surrender to God
And always accepting the will of the Lord
After Belief, Prayer,Faith,Hope&Trust
What is it that stands out first?
It is Enthusiasm, that is step six
'Entheos', 'In God,' that gets our problems fixed

Then comes step seven, it's Love for God
We make it a priority, the Love for our Lord
To us, God is not someone who lives far away
Every moment that we live, with us He does stay

It is this Love that makes us seek
Our passion for God makes us climb the peak
Because we want God, we Go on a Quest
And whatever we believed, we put it to test

In our search for God we Contemplate
We spend time in Silence and for God we wait
We don't accept what the scriptures tell
And we find the truth about heaven and hell

Of course, there is Karma and we must do good
As we sow, we reap, we create our own food
But step ten on the Ladder is not to live after we die
But to learn, how to God our Soul must fly

Importance of a Guru is the Ladder's step eleven
For without a Mentor, how can we discover heaven?
A Guru takes us from darkness to light
And to Overcome Ignorance, he helps us fight

As we Overcome Ignorance and discover the myth
We climb step thirteen to Realize the Truth
We realize that we are not the ego, body, and mind
We are the Divine Soul, on realization we find

Realization is not the end of the game
There is a War within that can make us lame
Unless we transcend our enemy – ME
From Mind and Ego, we must be free

Step fifteen on the Ladder is Liberation
Liberation only comes after Realization
Liberation, when alive, is from suffering being free
And from rebirth, to escape and with our Lord to be

The final step on the Ladder to Heaven
Comes after climbing sixteen steps, we reckon
It is Unification of the Divine and our Soul
Which is our life's Ultimate Goal

Climbing this Ladder is the purpose of our life
Not just to live with misery, sorrow, and strife
For those who live on planet earth
They must face suffering birth after birth

Where are you on this Ladder, my dear?
Do you live with faith or do you live with fear?
Have you started on the Ladder to God?
The Ladder to Heaven will make you one with the Lord!
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