Abraham J. Heller

Flushing, New York

The Potholes Of Life

Life's course is not an
easy path to traverse,
For some, it is rocky, for
others, worse.
Once started, there is no
visible return,
Albeit a smoother route is there to earn!

Each human has a will ethereally bestowed.
It is the only quality exclusively owned.
The way it is exercised The Lord will not stay.
But it evil is done, the perpetrator will pay!

Like fingerprints, one's will differs from another,
Even between biological sister and brother.
Greed and power may engulf one's kin,
Despite a fraternal warning that she or he cannot win.

Each evil done begets a potholes in life's path,
The depth of which reveals the degree of God's wrath.
The remedy is simple and easily understood.
heavenly repair is available by just doing good.
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