Percules The Poet

May 23, 2001 - Evansville, Indiana
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Hellfire and Back

Life is full of beauty like constellations upon the sky.
I might take the time to look up at them tonight.
And I hope you can be here right by my side.
Together we could help each other better understand this confusing life.
Tell me every last problem that is upon your mind.
For you I walk through every pit of hellfire and back just for what you want to find.
I would not want to do anything else with my time.
Except make you feel good inside.
If you leave I might just take your life.
You can either ride or you can die.
Then at least neither of us would be alright.
Call that an eye for an eye.
I am not the type to just sit back and cry.
I am a fire so if you play with me you will get fried.
Please do not be the ignite.
Because I would rather us be happy and fine.
And I know it will all work out and we will thrive.
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