Zainab Kareem

August 09, 2005- India

Wooden heart

Her eyes appear blank,
Trying to mask the pain
Ignoring the knife that is repeatedly stabbing her in her chest,
As the lump in her throat grows bigger
She has become accustomed to pain,
And her signature smirk that gives nothing away
Afraid to let anyone in,
Denying anyone that means well
She struts with her spine stiff and jaw clenched
Her fists balled as her nails claw into her skin
Her trust is fragile,
Delicate by being broken one too many times
She doesn't want anyone to stumble into her mess,
But he charged into her life like a speeding bullet
He held her hand and led her out of the darkness
Voluntarily enduring this storm that she is,
Knowing the price he had to pay
He promised to love her,
And begged for her trust
Making her walls come crumbling down,
Leaving her vulnerable and weak in front of him
She reckoned he would leave like the rest,
Reckoned that her wooden heart was incapable of love
He proved her wrong,
Until she fell for him
But he left her with a hammering nail in her wooden heart,
Wooden hearts don't fall in love
But he was all it took for her to shatter all over again
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