Zainab Kareem

August 09, 2005- India

Those days

I still remember,
The days we spent laughing for no reason,
All the promises we made but never kept
The tears we cried in each other's embrace
I still remember,
The way our hands moulded against each other,
Like they were made for one another
Told me you loved me and then let me go,
Now I can't handle all this distance
Your touch is fading away,
I can't recall your smell
I miss your warmth
Wishing we could go back to those days,
Watching rom-coms just to make fun of them
I guess I didn't know what I had until it was gone,
The pain was just a consequence
And now I hope this is a temporary feeling,
Cause I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't.
As the love between us perished,
My soul ached for comfort
No shoulder left to cry on,
No one to go home to
You said your love was unconditional,
I knew it was impossible
You tell me you miss me,
Yet I never hear from you
Now I hope wherever you may be,
You just remember me
Was it because of her?
The reason you'd not remember?
And now your lies filled up my skies
I keep saying 'it's fine', it isn't
And I know you know it too
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