Zainab Kareem

August 09, 2005- India

Nothing lasts forever

I shed many tears,
Until I saw my reflection in them
You are my everything til we were nothing
And now that you're gone,
My heart is missing something 
You walked ahead,
Didn't care to look back
You never cared about what you're going to leave behind,
You were always consumed by your own pain
Didn't bother the destruction you had caused me,
Why were you allowed to be selfish?
Why did you abandon me when it was my turn to do the same?
I didn't ask for something that was easy,
I asked for something that was worth it
"Nothing lasts forever", you said
I guess it was true after all
I was independent,
Until you made me depend on you
I put my mind and soul into your hands,
Just to be deserted like the rest
I thought you had changed,
But maybe taking the venom out of the snake wasn't enough,
You can't change its nature
And just when I let my guard down,
You shattered me
I hope you're happy,
Because all I ever wished for was your happiness
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