Zainab Kareem

August 09, 2005- India


Before you, life was simple,
Before you, life was sorted
Like a wave crashing by the ocean,
You crashed into me
I never meant to start a war,
I just wanted you to let me in
But instead of using force,
I let you win
I never walked away,
I'll always love you
But you wrecked me,
Now the pieces are too many to put together
Why'd you have to go and makes things so complicated?
I was just fine before you came,
Broke me like it was just a game
Took me for granted,
I was never the one you wanted
I'm not just a toy you play with,
My emotions are deeper than the ocean
But my love for you goes on,
But you don't care
Stranded in an ocean,
Breaking as I reach the shore
I can't breathe no more.
Now all I have is this void for a heart,
They say hollowed out hearts don't make a sound
My life after just after
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