Zady M. Odom

Glen Ellyn, IL, USA

Time (Dedicated To All Seniors Over 55)

Did you ever stop and wonder
Why time goes by so fast.
You did all you could to slow it down
But it just didn't last. You grew up, then you married
You weren't wasting any time.
Then things got so complicated
You almost lost your mind. You have six kids and a husband
You have to work very hard
If you are not cleaning or cooking
You are working in the yard. You get the kids off to school
After every one is fed.
You wash the dishes, check the time
And then you go to bed. Then when the kids are all grown up
And boy are you glad.
You look back through the years
Then your heart feels sad. By then you are in your forties
Or maybe forty-five.
You stretch out on the sofa
And thank God you are alive. There are lots of things you need to do
if you could make up your mind.
you sit back and take it easy
Thinking, I have plenty of time.
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