Zach Ascot

1994 - United Kingdom

The Rescue

Breathing thick troublesome air,
Stranded on a platform,
Deep out at sea,
Standing there indefinitely.

Fixated on the horizon,
Waiting for salvation,
In a childlike state,
Envious of seabirds,
Longing for a simpler existence.

Return to your makeshift bed,
Unforgiving whilst trapped in your head,
A life consumed by dread.

Looking out to lonely waters,
Praying for rescue,
Or some form of understanding.
One day you catch your reflection,
Pictured in the burnt blazing water,
Another unsuccessful sunset,
Reveals your answer.

You have to save yourself,
Nobody is coming to save you.
You've got to paddle this platform,
With all your effort and might,
It may take weeks,
Or even years,
A gruesome struggle lies ahead,
But one day you will reach land.
Changed forever,
But alive.
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