Megan Blue

January 20,1999- Egypt
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Mint tea.

You and me ordering the same mint tea
You stood behind me
So close almost touching me
Then i turned around
And saw your face
Crafted of marble stone
With eyes shining like the moon
And hair so free
Wondering in a sea
You r so close to me
I almost cant see
I cant see anyone
Anyone but you
I cant feel anything
But your breath
Here around me
The sight of you
All over the place
Made my heart race
I cant even move
Is that love?
Are you a prince
Or an angel
But surely these..
Are not human features
You r another creature
You have something else
Maybe its all to kiss
To make me kiss you
While you r standing there
Are you a ghost?
Babe are you lost?
These eyes are the most
The most expressive
Themost aggressive
The most hurt
The most soft
Glance i ve ever seen.
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